A Decade in IT Industry

Celebrating a Decade of Memories at Future Group

Today marks a remarkable milestone in my journey—a decade since my initiation into the IT world. As I reflect upon these transformative years, I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the individuals who played pivotal roles in shaping my path.

It all commenced on that fateful day, August 3rd, 2013, with an interview at Future Group, which paved the way for my official debut on August 12th, 2013. A big shoutout to Dhrumil bhai bhai for bringing this opportunity to my attention and accompanying me through this journey that surpassed all imagination.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Pala sir for entrusting me with the chance to embark on my career voyage within Future Group, particularly in the realm of SAP.

Durgesh Teli, my first official manager, stands tall as an unwavering support pillar who guided me through thick and thin.

Unnati Bhavsar, my first co-worker, stands out for her exceptional talents. I fondly recall her assistance in resolving the most challenging tasks.

The Harshita Varma, your ABAP teachings struck a chord deep within, aiding me not just in the interview at TCS but also in my journey as a whole. I still remember that you came early at office to prepare me for an interview. Chalo banana juice at 3 and Thursday lunch at Ashish.

A special mention to Sonal Sally, my inaugural mentor, whose efforts and personalized ABAP coaching enriched my growth.

Shardul bhai bhai bhai bhai, your business acumen became a learning curve for me. Observing your moves, our late-night discussions on business during frequent Bombay visits etch unforgettable memories.

Urdip bhai bhai, you were my after-work sanctuary, patiently resolving my basic ABAP queries without ever ridiculing my questions.

Hardik Bhai bhai, my desk neighbor on the first day, alleviated my nervousness and shared his SD expertise generously. Your constant presence and support have been invaluable.

Salim bhai bhai, Sanjay bhai bhai, Sunil Sir, Gajju bhai bhai, Manohar bhai bhai—our SD cube camaraderie led to unmatched achievements.

Ritesh bhai bhai, "Bhai me nikla, aaj fafda khana hai" still resonates, the bike rides and memories cherished deeply.

The Jigar sir, your CRM leadership and humility left an indelible mark. Durgesh sir once said , "tu ABAP cubical me Dular se contact hone k baad hi aaya use pahele kabhi nahi aaya tha," still evoke immense joy. Our Tirupati trip and camaraderie are etched in my heart.

Kirit Sir, your humility with 20+ years of experience was inspiring. You bridged gaps with ease, always lending your helping hand.

Lakeer sir, your patience in answering my repeated questions with a smile is unforgettable. Your farewell speech resonates, and your dedication to our professional growth beyond work hours is cherished.

Bhavin bhai bhai bhai, your energy and innovative ideas infused vibrancy.

Hiren bhai, Rachana Shah your assistance was invaluable to expand SAP MM understanding.

Sachin Limbachiya, your role as a reviewer for my SAP ABAP presentations was pivotal. Your guidance and feedback was meaninfgul.

Dhaval bhai bhai and Ravi bhai bhai, were instrumental in my growth as SAP BASIS champs.

Soumendra sir, your urgency in posting documents brought a smile. Thank you for sharing the magic of BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT with me. First time i learnt that with you. 

Ravi Bhai bhai: Jai Gurudev! Your ever-ready credit card and masterful table tennis skills remain etched in our memories. Your generosity and sportsmanship added a special touch to our journey.

Marvin Bhai bhai: Your unwavering support outside of work hours, resembling a personal trainer guiding us through exercises, has left a lasting impact. Thank you for being there in more ways than one.

Tarun Bhai bhai:Your cheerful greeting brings a smile to my face.

As I reminisce about these remarkable individuals, I am reminded of the collective efforts that shaped my journey. Here's to ten years of growth, learning, and cherished memories at Future Group. Cheers to the past and the exciting journey that lies ahead! 🥂🎉