Why resolution is inevitable for coming year?

First of all let’s understand what is Resolution?

It’s a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Now pause for a moment, and ask yourself how fast last year had gone by? Say yes.

We all will have fresh 365 days to do the things which we always wanted to do. Few things we must have done, few things we are require to do but why resolution is inevitable?

There is something in this techie era which is stealing our time. Now, let me be more precise that we tend to waste a lot of time in current era smoke; Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. I am not against social media. I do use it. However, I have to be more honest that we usually waste more time on it. We can do two things with time either we waste it or we invest it.

Now. Let’s figure out the reason for resolution. We all do have some goals to accomplish. For that, we have to make list of things (stepping stones) which may help us to go closer to our goals.

Remember, making resolution for a year may help you to schedule your day, week, quarter and a year. List can help you to focus more on what you had planned and what you are doing. Random things are supposed to eventuate but we should be truthful to our plan and try to conquer list of actions which we have decided before beginning of New Year.

I would suggest you to write all the actions which you want to achieve successfully in year 2k18 on a white crispy A4 size paper and plan your year accordingly. Once you sit to write resolutions, you may observe that you do have time to do things compare to the past year which had flown so quickly. Paying attention to yourself always help you to become more effective.

Few of you may not believe in making resolution for a year. Trust me it’s because you have not made any list yet. Try at least once for this year and feel the difference. If you still don’t like it, don’t do it but would like to say don’t live same year again and again and call it life. Do something different each year to pull out extra ordinary things reside in you. Try to make resolution list for this year.

Some of the common things which we all want to resolve is to wake up early in the morning, to do exercise, save money, learn new things, quit smoking, etc. These are the things which we should do but we rarely do it. Do you know what should be the first resolution? 

First and foremost “MAKE YOUR WALK MATCH YOUR TALK”.

At the core of our heart we all know the things which are right for us but we don’t follow it, so first thing first your walk should match your talk.

I would not list down the resolutions as you know yourself better than anyone else on this planet. Hence, I hope you will surely make resolution. List of resolutions should challenge you because it’s only path which leads to growth. If you don’t want to make list of resolutions than it’s okay but, don’t live life like a dead fish and go with the flow. Make Plan for yourself, for your betterment and yes effective outcome is certain.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying, resolution is inevitable because you have to analyze yourself at the end of year. List of resolutions will also help you to improve accuracy, productivity and at the end you have something to regret or rejoice.

Resolution to rejoice or to regret at the end of the year.

Thank you.